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They go flying and then they come back home at nht.” You try to do that to your bird that’s been in a cage all it’s life, most likely the bird’s not going to come back.

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Afghanistan is a vast country and, as a result, has a rich mix of ethnicities and tribes.

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Conflict Kitchen co-creator Dawn Weleski presented the project and bolani filled with spinach, potato and leeks, and red lentils were served to the guests. MORE We presented the Conflict Kitchen project this summer at the Festival Belluard Bollwerk International, Friboug, Switzerland with our friends Iranian artist/curator Sohrab Kashani, director of Sazmanab Project, and Afghan filmmaker Hamed Alizideh, a member of Kabul-based CSFilms. MORE Filmmaker and educator Michael Sheridan presented a screening of selected documentary shorts by a of filmmakers he has been working with in Afghanistan. I think you know perfectly well that, as a whole, people are not satisfied with the presence of U. The current government is an illegitimate puppet regime of the U. International organizations have recognized that the Afghan “electoral process” is defined by corruption and fraud. Afghans in general would like the war to end, the occupation armies to depart, and the terrorism to cease. You see all those human-rhts violators in the top government positions. Even though the current system is good and based on democracy, it is sick already. Hamid Karzai, the president of Afghanistan, is better for the people, but those people who are around Karzai are not fruitful people – they only think about their own family, not the Afghan people. However, they need to not take advantage of us and not be here for a long time so that our own government can take over. We’ve been having king after king after king after king. They’re the ones that have been living outside of the country.

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The participating Afghan filmmakers Skyped in for a live question and answer session after the screening. MORE Presentation and meal for 250 people in Judson church. The current government has little jurisdiction outside the capital city and remains in power with U. It is only then that people can get back to rebuilding a destroyed nation. As an example, you as an Afghan can’t get your national I. In fact, all of the minster’s family is living abroad. They’re doing the wrong thing over there, in Afghanistan. They’ve been living with democracy for over 25 years somewhere else. And then they come over here and think people who have been through the war and lost so much will want that democracy?

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